Five ways reindeer are properly developed to drive Santa's sleigh

We all know that Father Christmas would need his reindeer to deliver gifts worldwide.

 Why were they picked to pull the sleigh above other animals?

Reindeer biology makes them suitable for the job. Here are five reasons.

Warmth Reindeer reside in the Arctic, where winter nights can drop below -30°C. Reindeer have a robust underfur and hollow guard hairs, unlike most animals. 

Sight Reindeer have evolved to see well in the dark since the Arctic has little daylight in winter. Winter changes reindeer eyes from gold to blue, letting in more of the scarce light and enhancing vision.

Reindeer see UV light. Birds and insects have this incredible sensitivity, but reindeer are the only mammals with it. This makes reindeer perceive stuff that humans would miss.

Transport Reindeer, the sole tamed deer, have been used for transportation since the stone age. Like Santa, people ride them like horses and drive sleds with small herds.

Steadiness Reindeer have crescent-shaped hooves to avoid sinking or frostbite in snow. These stabilize them and can be used as shovels to find lichen under snow.

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