Fans of "Yellowstone" are "in a puddle of tears" following Lainey Wilson's moving Instagram post.

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Even though Lainey Wilson is currently one of the most well-known musicians, she is aware of the difficult path that led her to this point. 

Amidst her multiple award wins at the CMA Awards in early November, the Yellowstone actress took fans by surprise by sharing a heartfelt photo montage on Instagram. 

She took advantage of the opportunity to give an uplifting message about never giving up on your aspirations as the photos changed from her performing as a teenager to celebrating some of her career milestones. 

"Head down and blinders on," she emotionally wrote on November 21. "Don’t let anyone ever tell you that you can’t 🤘🏻."  

Fans quickly commented on how much they appreciated observing Lainey's progress online, considering that a large number of the images she used were ones they had never seen before.  

Furthermore, the caption she wrote struck a chord with them as well. 

One wrote, "In a puddle of tears." Another said, "Welp, this inspired me to run through a brick wall planning."  

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