Famed Buccaneers Player The NFL Team Tom Brady Will Never Root For

Tom Brady steered the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to one Super Bowl victory and two additional postseason trips during his three seasons with the organization. 

He had a huge impact on the Buccaneers in such a short time, even if the last season didn't turn out as spectacular as everyone affiliated with the team had hoped. 

Naturally, if one team hadn't done the NFL community a favor and passed on him six times, 

it never would have occurred."They passed me up [in the 2000 NFL Draft], so f--- them and that entire staff that kept me out," 

Brady recently said in reference to the San Francisco 49ers on his podcast "Let's Go." 

"I had a chip on my shoulder for a long time."During the conversation, 

Brady stated that the previously mentioned reasons are the reasons he will never ,

support the team he fell in love with as a child, idolizing quarterback Joe Montana as a result.

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