Eye Rollers Are the Ultimate Skincare as Self-Care Tool

Skincare has long been linked to self-care. Not only is skin health an important component of general health (it's the largest organ in your body! ),

but it also feels wonderful. Personally, I see my skincare regimen as a terrific way to show myself kindness and self-love on a daily basis,

not just by investing in high-quality moisturizers, serums, and eye creams, but also by adopting things that help me look and feel my best. I particularly enjoy using eye rollers 

and other facial massagers to reduce puffiness while also making my skincare routine seem extra nice.

"Eye rollers and any rollers are really for lymphatic drainage," says Jenny Patinkin, a skilled cosmetics artist. "Basically, you're moving any fluids

that are trapped in the tissues under the eyes." You're rolling them out toward the lymphatic drainage points near your ears and temples. 

That will do three things: it will minimize the look of inflammation and puffiness, increase circulation, and give you a smoother appearance."

While this smooth, lifted appearance is only brief, it is noticeable, especially for individuals who suffer from inflammation.

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