Does this photo show three apples among the birds in 9 seconds? Time starts now

Brain teasers, mathematical, and visual optical illusions test observation skills. Visual perception differs from reality. 

Optical illusions are invisible to the naked eye. Images easily mislead us.

Although some of these illusions are easy to solve, others can leave you confused. Hungarian graphic artist Gergely Dudas' artwork went viral.

The image requires finding three apples amid birds. The task is to find three apples in 9 seconds.

This bizarre picture shows a flock of red birds with three trees and three apples hiding inside

Do you see the three apples? Focusing on the image helps you find the three apples in this optical puzzle.

Stuck with the image?Have you located three apples among the birds?

Please see the image below for the right answer. Yellow circles indicate three apples in the image below.

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