Did Tariq Woolen change his name? Seahawks CB's personal life update explained

Tariq Woolen, the standout cornerback for the Seattle Seahawks, made a significant personal decision ahead of the 2023 NFL season by changing his name to Riq Woolen.  

In an interview with the Seahawks' official website, Riq mentioned that he had been called "Riq" by family and friends for quite some time.  

The decision to officially adopt the name "Riq" instead of "Tariq" stemmed from this familiar nickname,  

as it reflected the name he had been commonly known by among his close circles. 

Riq Woolen expressed that the transition to his new name was a personal choice to align his official  

identification with the name that had become more familiar and meaningful to him over the years. 

Despite the change, he acknowledged that the decision might have been a little surprising to his mother initially, 

as it meant departing from the name she had chosen for him 24 years ago. 

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