Make Your Perfect Skin Care Program

Healthy skin takes time. Regular skin care protects, defends, and improves skin. 

We recommend a professional facial for skin care. Estheticians recommend professional and home skin care to improve results. To help you learn more, we created a skin care routine with recommendations for your skin type and issues.  

A thorough cleaning removes oil and pollutants that dull skin and clog pores. Your skin absorbs therapeutic components better when prepared for prolonged therapy. Cleanse with an oil, balm, gel, or cream for your skin type and goals. 

1. Cleanse (Twice per day, morning and night. )

Toning after cleansing gives vitamins and minerals. Modern toners, essences, and facial mists rejuvenate skin, unlike alcohol-based ones. Toner and cleanser keep skin healthy like shampoo and conditioner.  

2. Tone: Essence, Facial Mist or Toner (Twice per day, morning and night)

Exfoliating cleans pores, promotes cell turnover, and eliminates debris. There are home chemical, enzymatic, and physical exfoliants, as well as harsher peels and professional treatments. Ask an esthetician about your skin type and concerns' best approach.  

3. Exfoliate  (Once or twice per week.)

Face masks are another treatment. Face masks' concentrated vitamins and nutrients absorb quickly, promoting healthy, durable skin. Masks soothe, firm, and treat acne, big pores, and dark spots.  

4. Mask  (Once or twice per week. )

Normal practices include serum, concentrate, or face oil. With concentrated active components, these medicines minimize environmental stress. Serum, concentrate, or oil depend on your issues.  

5. Treat: Serum, Concentrate or Facial Oil  (Twice per day, morning and night. )

Some areas require additional light. Eye skin is seven times thinner than the rest of your face and requires specific care. Regular eye cream use keeps this delicate area healthy, thick, and flexible, minimizing fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, and puffiness.  

6. Eye Care  (Twice per day, morning and night. )

Moisturize daily to preserve and soften skin. Moisture enhances the skin's lipid barrier and top layer. Good skin barriers moisturize and repel allergens. Even oily skin needs moisture!  

7. Moisturize  (Twice per day, morning and night. )

Every skin care program ends with sun protection, the most important step. Skin cancer, inflammation, and premature aging are prevented by daily sunscreen use. Use broad-spectrum sunscreen or SPF moisturizer year-round.  

8. Protect/SPF  (Daily, or as required.)

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