Delicious Christmas Appetizers Better Than the Main Course

Who else loves Christmas food? Joy, love, and all that, but it's the food—especially this year. 

Christmas foodies seem to fall into two categories. First, the sort who makes a big dinner like herb-crusted roast beef with scalloped potatoes, roast turkey, or ham. 

My family saves the elaborate meal for Thanksgiving and eats Christmas snacks and appetizers all day in their pajamas. 

Alcohol—what holiday is complete without it?  A nutty liqueur and chopped nuts top oozing brie perfectly! 

Boozy Brie 

This stunning centerpiece is easy and enjoyable to make.  Making it a day ahead improves party prep! 

Christmas Tree Cheese Ball 

This festive red and green topped goat cheese dip is great with bread or crackers or both!   

Baked Tomato Goat Cheese Dip 

It's a bonus that this wonderful Caprese Salad has Christmas red and green! 

Fried Eggplant Caprese Salad 

These puff pastry appetizers with creamy shrimp or smoked salmon fillings are quick and excellent for holiday parties. 

Vol Au Vent Appetizer 

creating shrimp cocktail phyllo bites, a delightful and elegant appetizer.   

Shrimp Cocktail Phylo Bite 

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