Dating rumours, according to Sydney Sweeney, were'really hard' for Glen Powell, whom she adores.

The connection between Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney has been scorching. However, the star found the relationship allegations to be hurtful. 

Once more, Sweeney is addressing the juicy dating rumors, and this time, she's admitting that her "Anyone but You" co-star was negatively impacted by them. 

The much awaited romantic comedy, which opens in theaters on December 22, has been in the news since the spring.  

The internet went crazy over on-set photos of the movie's actors canoodling while wearing almost nothing.  

The images of the on-screen couple went viral at the same time as rumors surfaced that Powell and his longtime partner Gigi Paris had split up. 

Paris wrote, "know your worth & onto the next," alongside a video she posted on Instagram of herself going for a stroll by herself. 

There were rumors that Powell and Sweeney's evident chemistry was the reason for their breakup. It was quite difficult for Glen, which saddened me.  

because, aside from that, we had such a lovely experience together. 

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