Daniel Jones provides an update on his state of health.

– New York Giants' contrast in seasons: After a remarkable 2022 NFL season, the Giants have struggled in 2023, appearing like a different team. 

– Injuries taking a toll: Injuries, including star running back Saquon Barkley and quarterback Daniel Jones, have significantly impacted the team's performance. 

– Jones discusses playing status: Daniel Jones appeared on the "Up & Adams Show" to discuss his readiness to return after dealing with a neck injury. 

– Lack of protection up front: The Giants' offensive line struggles have left their quarterback under constant pressure, impacting Jones's ability to throw the football. 

– Mobile Jones's advantage: Jones's mobility has been a saving grace, preventing more severe injuries given the lack of protection. 

– Coach Brian Daboll's influence: Despite the challenges, the presence of Coach Daboll offers hope for a turnaround in the future. 

– Bleak immediate future: The Giants currently hold a 1-5 record, making the 2023 season appear as a lost cause. 

– Diminished hope: The team's performance in the first six weeks of the season has left little hope for a dramatic turnaround. 

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