Dallas Cowboys Playoff Scenarios: Can the Cowboys Still Win the NFC East?

When the Dallas Cowboys take on the Miami Dolphins on Sunday afternoon, the game will take place. 

As of the games scheduled to take place on Sunday at four o'clock Eastern Time, Dallas is now the fifth seed in the National Football Conference.

Games Update for the Sunday The Titans were defeated by the Seahawks (8-7) (9-7) Vikings were defeated by Lions (11-4) in the game.

The Cowboys (10-5) were upset by the Dolphins (11-4). Continue reading below to view the many playoff scenarios that the Cowboys could face as of Week 16

the season. You should also check out the free NFL Playoff Predictor that is offered by PFN. There, 

you can test out a variety of situations and see how they affect the playoff bracket.With a record of 10-4 heading into their game against the Miami Dolphins on Sunday  

the Dallas Cowboys are in need of a victory if they wish to maintain their aspirations of receiving a good seeding opportunity for the postseason.

Although it is still unclear how the Cowboys will be seeded in the National Football Conference, they are still in a strong position to make a run at the postseason. 

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