Cowboys’ Mike McCarthy Roasted for Blown Challenge-Flag Disaster

Where to begin after the Cowboys were thrashed by the Bills in Buffalo on Sunday? 

Was it the stomach bug and illness that swept through the team locker room during the last month? Was it the run defense's ineptness?

Was it the usual Cowboys struggle when they're not in Dallas? While one play cannot entirely explain a 31-10 loss, it can be a metaphor of the entire game,

and the second-quarter fumble that coach Mike McCarthy did not challenge is typical of McCarthy's awful day.

To summarize: Buffalo was driving late in the second quarter, with the Cowboys already having absorbed a roundhouse from the Bills and finding themselves trailing 14-3. 

The Bills faced a second-and-6 situation on the 40-yard line when quarterback Josh Allen connected Stefon Diggs for seven yards and a first down.

Cowboys linebacker Markquese Bell batted the ball free from Diggs at the end of the play, and safety Donovan Wilson pounced on it. Is there any hope for the Cowboys?

No, it does not. McCarthy did not throw the challenge flag because the refs missed the call. Instead of another score, the Cowboys gave up a third touchdown and a disheartening 21-3 advantage.

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