Cowboys’ Micah Parsons Sounds Off on NFL Referees: ‘Pass Rush Anonymous’

Micah Parsons is enjoying another strong season for the Dallas Cowboys, but he is visibly dissatisfied with NFL officials.

The third-year linebacker is still producing at a high level, but he agrees with fellow top pass rusher Myles Garrett about the men in black and white.

The Cleveland Browns defensive end recently spoke out about the league's officials. Garrett has complained about the paucity of calls in his favor, and now Parsons has added his two cents.

"It's so bad I'm bout to start a pass rush anonymous so they can share their feelings without being judged!" On December 16, Parsons posted on X.

The former Penn State standout is on pace to surpass his previous two seasons' sack totals.

With 12.5 sacks and four games remaining, he would just need 1.5 sacks to hit a new career high. So far, Garrett has just edged past Parsons with 13 sacks.

But, despite producing at an elite level, he or Garrett don't appear to get all the calls. However, given Garrett's heavy sentence for his remarks, Parsons could be the next celebrity to be punished for voicing his thoughts.

Garrett took aim at the officials after the Browns defeated the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 14. Garrett thought that the refs missed multiple calls despite a strong day and a win.

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