Coppola: ‘We will have to train artificial intelligence like another child’

This week, American film director Francis Ford Coppola talked about reading Don Quixote in Spanish, being innovative.

Taking chances, and not wasting time hunting for matching socks (he came to the lecture wearing one blue and one green sock).

All of these things were discussed at the IE University auditorium in Madrid, Spain. 

In a paper titled "Trends for the Next 50 Years," 8,000 G20 individuals were asked to forecast the following: Eighty percent of those surveyed believe that by 2073, artificial intelligence will be a major force in society. 

More than one-third think technology will rule every facet of life, including employment, education, and health care.

"A revolution toward something that is not completely flesh and blood but is still human," the director said.

Coppola, 84, sees an artificially intelligent future, but one in which the humanities would need to be crucial.

"I think that the arts and humanities are also essential for human development and for the formation of informed and reflective citizens, but there is a tendency to focus on practical and technical skills."

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