Challenge optical illusion: Find 16 Tigers in This Forest in 21 Seconds?

Not only are optical illusions entertaining, but they may also be used to gauge an individual's IQ. Illusions come in a variety of forms, including physiological, mental, and physical ones.

An optical illusion typically involves a mind-bending or even shape-shifting image. 

Because of the way the human brain is developed, it is prone to ignore little details and frequently shifts its attention to the broader or complete vision. 

As a result, you can learn a lot about how your own brain works and even train yourself to create illusions like this.

We have an optical illusion for you today that shows the vastness of a lush forest with a variety of small and large creatures. Your attention is immediately drawn to the tiger family's dazzling grandeur. 

If you are able to identify the other twelve tigers' faces that are concealed throughout the picture, though, you are a true genius. 

You should be able to identify all 16 tigers in the picture in less than 21 seconds if you believe your IQ is higher than the average person's.

Finding all 16 tigers is a difficult undertaking, but finding the first four will be simple. Some are concealed by shrubs, trees, rocks, and other objects.

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