Celebrating 2024 at Home? These 60 Kid-Friendly Appetizers Will Rock the Party

Holidays may make New Year's Eve planning last on your mind. That's why I'm here—to help you plan the next few weeks. 

 This season is full with occasions to gather with loved ones (and many we've missed) and enjoy wonderful meals. Delicious, easy appetizer and snack ideas can save your life. 

 These 10 kid-friendly New Year's Eve snacks will be the hit of your party if you celebrate at home like our family!

Irresistible Veggie Dip

Crescent Roll Pigs-in-a-Blanket

Copy cat chillis salsa

Corndog mini muffins

Mini Pretzel Hot Dog

Air frier mozzerela sticks

air fryer nachos

Air fryer taquitos

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