Buffalo Bills’ Damien Harris was removed from the field on a gurney during New York Giants game

Running back Damien Harris of the Buffalo Bills was taken off the field in an ambulance on Sunday night following a neck injury he suffered during the team's home game against the New York Giants. 

The Bills announced on X, the former Twitter platform, that Damien Harris (neck) will not be playing in the game. "He can move his legs and arms. Harris is being sent to the hospital to undergo more tests. 

Harris was injured in the second quarter during his first carry of the game when he was tackled by Giants linebacker Bobby Okereke on a 1-yard run. The 26-year-old remained down after the play, before players from both teams signaled for athletic trainers and doctors. 

Harris was taken to the field in an ambulance, surrounded by coaches and players, and placed on a stretcher and backboard. As he was being loaded into the ambulance, he gave a thumbs up. 

Damar Hamlin, the backup safety for the Buffalo Bills, was among those nervously observing. In early January, he went into cardiac arrest while playing against the Cincinnati Bengals, forcing NFL officials to call off the remainder of the game.

After making a tackle and sustaining a blow to the chest, Hamlin fell to the ground. When Hamlin's pulse stopped and resuscitation and defibrillation were required to revive him, medical personnel gave him CPR. He was in a Cincinnati hospital for over a week, on a ventilator for days at a time. 

It was eventually discovered that commotio cordis, which can happen when significant chest trauma throws off the heart's electrical charge and results in deadly fibrillations (or irregular heartbeats), was the cause of Hamlin's cardiac arrest. 

In April, Hamlin received the all-clear to start playing football again, and by August, the 25-year-old was fully participating in preseason games. Despite being added to the regular season roster, he has only appeared in one game so far this year.  

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