Buccaneers legend Tom Brady Reveals NFL Team He'll Never Support

Tom Brady steered the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to one Super Bowl victory and two additional  ,

postseason trips during his three seasons with the organization. He had a huge impact on the Buccaneers in such a short time,  

even if the last season didn't turn out as spectacular as everyone affiliated with the team had hoped. 

Naturally, if one team hadn't done the NFL community a favor and passed on him six times, 

it never would have occurred. "They passed me up [in the 2000 NFL Draft], so f--- them and that entire staff that kept me out," 

Brady recently said in reference to the San Francisco 49ers on his podcast "Let's Go."  

"I had a chip on my shoulder for a long time."During the conversation, 

Brady stated that the previously mentioned reasons are the reasons he will never support the team he fell in love with as a child, idolizing quarterback Joe Montana as a result.

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