Brianna's Return in 'Outlander' with Sophia Skelton

The time travelers in Outlander experience a variety of negative side effects from traveling through the stones,  

, like as heart palpitations and loud buzzing noises. Fortunately, Brianna (Sophie Skelton) and Roger MacKenzie (Richard Rankin),  

together with their two children, are skilled travelers. In last week's episode, they traveled from the 1770s to the 1900s without experiencing whiplash,  

so that their young daughter Mandy could receive the essential heart surgery that Claire (Caitríona Balfe) is unable to perform.  

However, the comfort of being in familiar surroundings also plays a role."In the future,  

they can simply be themselves again," Sophie says in this interview with Parade. "I believe they have a brief moment of breathing room. (A),  

either because they don't believe there is an imminent threat, or because there isn't one.  

Additionally, (B) they had to closely observe themselves in the past. They must be mindful of their body language,  

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