Find the three hidden bells in this Christmas puzzle. 

Christmas is almost here, and folks are finishing up their decorations for their Christmas trees and residences. 

Many people are organizing games and activities for their upcoming Christmas parties in the midst of this frenzy of preparations.  

And what better way to engage and entertain friends and family than with a brain-teasing challenge?

If you agree, we have a Christmas brain teaser that you'll like. "Can you find three bells?" 

The puzzle depicts a beautifully decorated room complete with a Christmas tree, gifts, and numerous delicacies.  

A bunny, a bear, a fox, and a bird are shown enjoying a board game and the sweets. Notably, there is also a tortoise present.  

The task at hand, however, is to locate three elusive bells in this bustling atmosphere. Can you find all of them? 

Here, is the solution

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