Blue Tea is rich in antioxidants! Know its benefits for your skin, hair and mind

Blue tea is a strong blue beverage, as the name suggests. Due to its many health advantages, 

 blue tea has become a popular herbal tea trend in recent years. In addition to its anti-diabetic and anti-cancer properties,

 it is well known for enhancing heart and brain health. Allow us to elaborate on the advantages of blue tea for health.

and other facial massagers to reduce puffiness while also making my skincare routine seem extra nice.

Originating in South Asia, blue tea is also referred to as butterfly pea flower tea. The bright blue petals of the Clitoria ternatea L. plant,

which is also used as a natural food coloring, are brewed to make the tea. 

Asian pigeonwings and cordofan pea are two other common names.

Antioxidants abound in blue tea, especially anthocyanins. According to nutritionist Chhavi Rohilla, 

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