Beyoncé’s Red French Manicure Has The Cutest Santa Hat Nail Art

Beyoncé contrasted the typical translucent pink lacquer foundation of a French manicure with a vivid red tint for the French tip on long, almond-shaped nails.

She turned each scarlet tip into an adorable Santa hat design by adding a Christmas-themed embellishment to each of her thumbs.

Celebrity manicurist Julie Kandalec recently told Bustle that red is one of the hottest nail lacquer colors for the 2023 holiday season,

Alongside beautiful glitter polish, hues of glossy black, and minimal neutral tints. Take a cue from Beyonce

try the vibrant color instead of the standard white tip the next time you get a French manicure.

Bey painted her toes in a matching cherry red lacquer hue to keep her manicure exquisite and lively for the impending holiday season. 

What is the reminder? A "red nail theory" mani-pedi moment can never go wrong.

 Taylor Swift, Camila Cabello, and Margot Robbie are among the other celebrities who have opted for the classic pedi.

Beyoncé applied a silky matte lipstick shade to her lips using the same exact crimson red she used on the "ALIEN SUPERSTAR" singer's tips and toes.

 To complete the look, she kept her eye makeup gentle and neutral, softly dusting soft neutral eyeshadow tones down her lids.

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