Bets on Travis Kelce as a prop for the Bills vs. Chiefs game: Will Kelce perform well now that Taylor Swift is back?

The Chiefs host the Bills after Taylor Swift attended their road game in Green Bay last week, sparking expectations of her return to Arrowhead Stadium.  

Travis Kelce's best performance this season occurred with Swift in attendance, recording 12 receptions, 179 yards, and a touchdown against the Chargers in Week 7.  

Last week in Lambeau, Kelce had a solid game with Swift, totaling four receptions for 81 yards.  

In five games with Swift present, Kelce averages 7.6 receptions and 103 receiving yards, compared to six games without her, where he averages 6 receptions and 50 receiving yards.  

The Chiefs aim to rebound from their first loss with Swift in attendance, leading to expectations of a standout performance from Kelce against the Bills.  

Predictions on Travis Kelce's prop bets for the game against the Bills are provided, alongside a streak of accurate predictions on whether Taylor Swift will attend.  

Taylor Swift addresses her relationship with Kelce, emphasizing her role as a supportive partner in a recent interview with "Time" magazine.  

The narrative surrounding Kelce's improved performance with Swift in attendance sparks diverse reactions, with some finding it amusing and others expressing skepticism. 

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