Barbie Is Available to Stream Online! Here's How to Watch at Home

Barbie was a box office success, but now you can see it from the comfort of your own home!

Margot Robbie climbed into the iconic Mattel doll's shoes, with Ryan Gosling's Ken (and a slew of other Barbies and Kens, including some iconic flops) by her side. 

The film was previously announced in 2016, with Amy Schumer scheduled to star. However,

following a few creative team changes, the film took on a whole different form, 

back viewers enjoyed Gerwig's irreverent but charming take on the doll's voyage out of Barbieland (and back).

We make dolls to explain to ourselves what it is to be human... "Part of me wondered if there was a way we could allow the doll to have that humanity as well,"

Gerwig teased about the film to PEOPLE. "Wouldn't it be wonderful if the Queen of Plastic was given something real?"

Fans who saw Barbie in cinemas can now relive all of their favorite moments at home (including every little Easter egg they missed the first time!). 

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