Bad Wolf Gets $54M From Unusual Deal To Make BBC Sci-Fi Series

Bad Wolf's unusual deal to produce BBC Studios' Doctor Who helped the Sony-owned production company set new revenue records. 

As part of an agreement to restore Russell T Davies to the role of showrunner, Bad Wolf was given the production contract for Doctor Who in September 2021. 

Bad Wolf made £117 million ($148 million) in revenue in its first year of producing the iconic sci-fi series, a 192% increase from £40.2 million in 2022. 

In the fiscal year ending March 31, Bad Wolf subsidiary Whoniverse1, the special purpose vehicle through which Doctor Who is produced, reported additional sales of £43 million ($54 million). 

The total revenue of £117 million was Bad Wolf's highest in a 12-month period since the company was founded in 2015 by Julie Gardner and Jane Tranter. 

Bad Wolf did generate £121 million in revenue in 2020, but this was for a 15-month period after the company extended its accounting period. 

According to earnings published on Companies House, the production company's pre-tax profit of £7M in 2023 was up 366% from £1.5M the previous year. 

The BBC or BBC Studios have always produced Doctor Who, and there is no precedent for the corporation handing over control of such an iconic brand to an outside producer. 

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