As far as the cameraman can tell, the offensive tackle for the Patriots got Tom Brady.

When his teammates weren't playing up to pace in the heat of battle, Tom Brady wasn't afraid to let them know it.

However, on occasion, one of those teammates would return the favor to the renowned quarterback. 

Matt Light, the former offensive tackle for the New England Patriots, is one of those men. 

Moose Messina and Glenn Gleason, the NBC Sports Boston Camera Guys, joined Andrew Callahan on the "Pats Interference" podcast to discuss some of their best memories from covering Patriots games over the years. 

In one scenario, Brady and Light got into a side-splitting argument."Brady's evident from what we've seen,  

right? However, there was a certain dynamic that existed where he would lose it and yell at the players,  

as Messina reported. I believe we've seen that video. 

Jacksonville was where we were. Brady falls, 

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