Are your nails turning orange? Know the reasons and how to deal with it   

Fungal infections can cause nails to change color, including turning yellow, brown, or even orange. These infections often occur due to exposure to warm and moist environments, poor nail hygiene, or sharing nail tools. 

Nail Fungus 

Nicotine from smoking can cause nails to yellow or take on an orange hue. The staining is due to the tar and other chemicals present in tobacco, which can discolor the nails over time. 


Prolonged use of dark or highly pigmented nail polish without a protective base coat can lead to staining. The pigments in the polish may penetrate the nail, resulting in discoloration 

Nail Polish Stains 

Skin conditions like psoriasis or eczema that affect the nail bed can cause discoloration. In some cases, nails might develop a yellow or orange tint due to inflammation or the skin condition affecting the nail matrix. 

Psoriasis or Eczema: 

Anemia or iron deficiency can manifest in various ways, including changes in nail color. Sometimes, nails might appear pale, but in some cases, they can take on unusual hues like orange due to nutritional deficiencies 

Iron Deficiency 

Maintain good nail hygiene by regularly trimming nails, cleaning under the nail edges, and keeping them dry to prevent fungal infections. 

Proper Nail Hygiene: 

Use a clear base coat before applying colored nail polish to prevent staining. Additionally, limit exposure to highly pigmented polishes or opt for lighter shades to minimize discoloration. 

Avoiding Nail Stains: 

If smoking is the cause of nail discoloration, quitting smoking can help prevent further staining and improve overall nail health. 

Quit Smoking: 

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