Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom review: The DCEU comes to a messy end that fits the character.

The day has finally come. Any name you want, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is the last book in the DC Extended Universe, the Worlds of DC, or the SnyderVerse. 

This is the last bad DC movie of 2023, as Shazam! All three movies—Fury of the Gods, The Flash, and Blue Beetle—sucked at the box office. However, 

 Blue Beetle did well with reviewers. There is a lot riding on Aquaman's shoulders this Christmas, but things don't look good.

Even though the movie is already out in theaters around the world, reviews can't be written until the day it comes out in the UK. The cast hasn't done much to promote the show;

just a few talks in the US, and there wasn't even a big premiere. It's simple to forget that this is the follow up to DC's most successful movie ever.

You can see why Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom didn't get more attention before it came out now that it's out in theaters.

It's a messy way to end the whole DCEU, which makes sense.

Even if you don't count that weird appearance in The Flash's credits scene, it's been a while since we saw Aquaman. In the beginning, Jason Momoa's character, Arthur Curry, tells his baby son Arthur Jr. stories from his life.

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