'Aquaman 2' will lead a slow Christmas weekend at the box office as Hollywood's superhero woes continue.

A lot of other movies also come out on Friday, such as the cartoon family movie "Migration," the romantic comedy "Anyone but You," and the wrestling biopic drama "The Iron Claw."

"If the tracking is right, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom may only make $37 million to $43 million in its first four days in theaters in the United States. 

 That amount would be much less than the first movie's $461 million opening, which happened five years ago, and also less than the $46.

1 million opening of Marvel Studios's recent disaster, The Marvels.

Also, Aquaman 2 is almost certain to do well over what looks like it will be a slow Christmas weekend.

The sequel, which reunites director James Wan with star Jason Momoa, is the last superhero movie of a year that has mostly been bad at the box office.

A lot of other movies come out on Friday, competing with The Lost Kingdom, and more come out on Christmas Day, but total ticket sales don't look very happy or bright. 

Also, it's never a good thing when the holiday comes on a Monday; Christmas Eve is usually a slow day for going to the movies, but this year it's on a Sunday, which is a great day for going to the movies.

Aquaman made $67.9 million in its first three days in theaters in 2018, over the weekend of December 21–23. And by Christmas Day, which was a Tuesday, it had made a thrilling $105.4 million in ticket sales in the U.S.

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