An exclusive look at Sam Heughan's work on Season 8 of Outlander.

Starz's drama series Outlander, which delves into the story of two ardent lovers who are unable to let go of each other , 

for two centuries, has been airing since 2014. Fans are now at last confronting the end.   

Season 7's second half is scheduled to debut in early 2024. There will only be one more season after that.  

Star Sam Heughan, who plays dashing highlander-turned-colonial transplant Jamie Fraser,  

took fans on a tour of the show's enormous clothing department on Instagram to give them a little behind-the-scenes look at season 8. View the video here:There are a ton of extras in those costumes.  

Heughan turned up the drama in his writing, "Entering the FINAL season." "But still PLENTY to look forward to S7." The guy is skilled at drawing people in.  

Neither Outlander season 8 nor season 7 part 2's precise release dates are known. Obviously,  

production on the last season is starting. By the end of 2025, the entire tale ought to be revealed. 

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