An additional family gets a portrait of Tom Brady and his children from CVS, an order mix-up.

A lovely family photo was provided to the mother of a San Francisco 49ers player by CVS after she sent them a photograph to be printed. 

The one tiny problem was that it wasn't her family. Tom Brady and his kids were there. 

After posting the amusing mishap on TikTok, Katie Tonges—whose brother Jake is a tight end on the 49ers practice squad—received a response from the renowned quarterback." 

The picture my mom ordered to CVS," she wrote as the caption for a shot that showed her and Jake among their other two siblings. 

For Jake's game, two of them are decked up in 49ers apparel.She then posted a photograph of Brady wearing New England Patriots apparel with his sons Jack, 

16, and Benjamin, 14, and daughter Vivian, 11, saying, "The photo my mom was given." 

Tonges added a screen grab of a text message she received from her dad."To give granny a Christmas present from CVS, mom sent in a photo of the kids. 

" We just got them today, and Tom Brady and his kids are getting sent here instead of says.

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