Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes Are Holidaying Together: ‘Trying What Our Kids Would Like’

Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes are blending their families for Christmas.

The former GMA3: What You Need to Know co-anchors opened up about spending the holidays together and navigating 

the festive season with their children on the latest episode of their Amy and T.J. Podcast on iHeartRadio. 

Explaining that there is no "playbook" or "handbook" for what they and their children are experiencing, "Everyone would love a nuclear traditional family,

" Robach, 50, said on the podcast. And figuring that out after one divorce is difficult enough. A second divorce complicates matters even more. 

So I believe we are attempting to do what our children would like us to do. I believe we've been letting them lead the way up until now."

"But we will spend time together," she added. "We'll be there together." And we don't have a specific plan in place. 

We're doing our best to figure it out. But because we'll both be in New York, and our daughters will be here, we'll piece it together."

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