Alona Sobolevska’s sculptural nail art is made to provoke

Alona Sobolevska stands at the forefront of a burgeoning movement in the realm of nail artistry,  

pushing boundaries and redefining conventional perceptions of what nail art can be.  

Her avant-garde approach and captivating creations transcend the traditional realm of manicures,  

transforming nails into miniature sculptural masterpieces that provoke thought, emotion, and intrigue. 

Hailing from Ukraine, Sobolevska's journey into the world of nail artistry began as a traditional nail technician.  

However, her innate creativity and desire to challenge norms led her to explore new horizons within the realm of nail design.  

At the core of Sobolevska's work lies a dedication to provocation. Her sculptural nail art is a bold assertion that nails can be an artistic medium for expressing complex ideas and emotions. 

Each piece she creates transcends the boundaries of conventional nail art, transforming nails into miniature canvases for storytelling and conceptual expression. 

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