Alan Wake 2, Zelda: TotK, And More Creative Triumphs: Carolyn Petit’s Top Games Of 2023

It's fascinating how diverse perspectives can shape our experiences, especially when it comes to something as rich and varied as the world of video games.  

While 2023 might not have resonated as a standout year for everyone in gaming, it's undeniable that it was a time of significant ambition and innovation within the industry. 

For some, titles like Super Mario Bros. Wonder and Baldur’s Gate 3 stood out as monumental successes, representing a daring leap into fresh territories  

or the enhancement of beloved franchises to new heights. These games exemplify 

the industry’s inclination towards pushing boundaries, whether by introducing novel concepts 

or by expanding on established worlds with unprecedented intricacy and depth. 

The allure of these high-profile successes often garners widespread acclaim, and rightfully so.  

Their impact on gaming culture, innovation in gameplay mechanics, and immersive storytelling contribute to their place at the forefront of the industry's collective consciousness. 

However, personal experiences with gaming often diverge from the mainstream narrative.  

For others, these monumental successes might not have resonated as strongly. 

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