According to a Disney producer, the story of Frozen 3 will be "amazing."

A representative from Disney Animation just gave a report on Frozen 3.

With over $1.45 billion in ticket sales around the world, Frozen 2 is still the most popular Disney Animation movie ever. That's why it's strange that a third movie wasn't publicly announced until February 2023.

It wasn't long before the next movie in the series was announced, though. Disney CEO Bob Iger just recently said that a Frozen 4 is also being made.

Jennifer Lee, the director of Frozen, hinted in an interview with Disney that the next two movies might be even more connected than the first one. She said that the story "may not fit into just one film."

In an exclusive chat with The Direct, Peter Del Vecho talked about the upcoming Frozen 3 movie. Del Vecho produced the first two Frozen movies and Disney's most recent animated movie, Wish.

Del Vecho said, "They only do sequels if they think there's enough story to tell," and he added, "He trusts that it's going to be amazing:"

Unfortunately, Frozen 3 probably won't be done any time soon since this new message is so short.

It was asked for by many fans that the story of the elemental spirits in the series be explored in more depth. Since Elsa is the fifth spirit and goes into the Enchanted Forest, it makes a lot of sense to learn more about that part of the world.

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