Aaron Rodgers is sick of being questioned about the Jets' IR decision and wants detractors to divulge his vax status.

Aaron Rodgers defended himself after the New York Jets resurrected him from injured reserve and placed him on the active 53-man roster despite signals he wouldn't play this season after all.

To make way for Rodgers, the Jets released fullback Nick Bawden. Many people were perplexed as to why Rodgers would require a roster space to continue his rehabilitation

Rodgers remarked on "The Pat McAfee Show" on Tuesday that individuals who criticize him should be forced to divulge the status of their COVID-19 immunization.

It's the same old story. "It's the same people making the same comments," Rodgers pointed out."I think what we should do, Pat, is have the same people who were criticizing me or making up these conspiracies about my injury or whatever, go back to 2021 and make people say their vax status to begin with." 

"That will put all of these comments in the correct window." Before they say anything, let them say - and ESPN will probably cut us off here - 'Hey, I'm so-and-so, double vaxxed with Pfizer and triple boosted, and in my perspective, this person is a nasty man because he simply wanted to practice and stole money.'

"At the very least, you'd know, and everyone else would know, that they have puppet masters who are puppeteering them to say this certain thing about this guy, and they're still upset because I believe in medical freedom." It's the same old story."

Rodgers stated that he wanted to be placed on injured reserve because he didn't want to steal a roster position away from another player, who happened to be Bawden."I assumed I was going to go on IR," he told me. "I requested that I be placed on IR. 'Do you want to practice?' someone asked, and I responded, 'Not at the expense of anyone getting cut.' I understand how this works. I didn't believe I needed to practice to complete my rehabilitation. On the side, I could perform some on-field work."

"But obviously I got overruled there, maybe it is what it is. That was an interesting situation. I called Nick right away, just said, ‘I hope you know this isn’t coming from me. I asked them to put me on IR.’"

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