Aaron Rodgers suggests Dave Chappelle for ex-NFL star's racial bowl.

– Aaron Rodgers supports a proposal for an All-Black vs. All-White football game, inspired by Rashard Mendenhall's post.

– Rodgers suggests a racial draft involving comedic legend Dave Chappelle, known for his "Chappelle Show" skit on the subject.

– Bill Burr, RZA, and GZA were part of the Chappelle Show segment that featured a comedic racial draft.

– Rodgers proposes a draft with uncertainty about which team certain individuals would be on.

– Darius Butler suggests Patrick Mahomes and Coach Mike McDaniel for the All-Black team.

– The discussion involves considerations of draft order, echoing the Chappelle Show's racial draft skit.

– Mendenhall expresses frustration with average white guys commenting on football, suggesting an All-Black vs. All-White bowl to settle debates.

– Rodgers understands Mendenhall's point, interpreting it as a commentary on who is allowed to speak about football.

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