Aaron Rodgers' Return This Season May Hinge On 1 Thing

In that case, Rodgers' only motivation to play this season would be to get live reps. And, after working so hard to regain full health, 

the medical clearance necessary to return to action in an NFL game. However,

depending on what occurs tomorrow, it may appear to be a pointless discussion.

Tomorrow, the New York Jets will play the Miami Dolphins in a game that, much like the game they played the previous week, will determine

the outcome of their season. A loss to the Dolphins would bring them down to 5-9 and effectively end their chances of making the playoffs

regardless of what the math says. They currently have a record of 5-8.In that scenario, Rodgers would have no reason to play this season other than to get live reps. He would be under no obligation to do so

 In addition, after exerting so much effort to achieve complete health, it would be borderline insane to put oneself in danger for a cause that is already in a hopeless state. 

Zach Wilson, Aaron Rodgers' backup quarterback, is the one who will ultimately be responsible for determining whether or not Rodgers will be able to participate in a championship game

this season. As opposed to the previous 31 games, Rodgers needs to hope that Wilson's next game is more comparable to his most recent one.

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