8 Rare Coins You Should Not Spend

Almost every coin you'll come across in your lifetime is worth what it says it is — a half-dollar is worth 50 cents, a quarter is worth 25 cents, and so on. 

 Depending on the market, the melt value of the metal itself may bring coins above face value in some situations.

However, in the vast majority of circumstances, there is no reason not to spend coins. 

The exception is when you come across a rare coin that is worth hundreds or thousands (or millions) of times its face value.

Before you go rummaging around your house and car, keep in mind that some rare coins are so scarce that your odds of finding one are nil. 

 These coins have already been found and are in the possession of collectors, dealers, and auction houses.

However, there are many rare coins that have either not been discovered or have managed to continue in circulation, moving from one person to the next with no one knowing their true value.

To find these coins, you can use a variety of methods, such as looking through dusty attics, going to garage sales, or exchanging other currencies for coin rolls at banks.

According to the International Precious Metals website, the following are five characteristics of rare coins:

They are no longer manufactured and thus have a declining circulation. They are difficult to come by.

They feature distinctive characteristics as a result of faults or limited editions. They are historically significant in some way.

Collectors treasure them. The decision about whether to spend unusual coins is usually straightforward: if they are worth more than their face value, it makes sense to sell them rather than spend them.

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