7 Delicious And Hot Smoothies For Breakfast This Winter

1. Golden Turmeric Smoothie 

All you have to do is mix up some sugar, black pepper, ginger, coconut milk, and turmeric, and then warm it up.

2. Spiced Sweet Potato Smoothie 

Blending sweet potatoes into a warm, smokey smoothie is a terrific way to enjoy them as a wintertime treat for everyone. 

3. Ginger-Spinach Smoothie 

If you want to intensify the spinach flavor, add additional baby spinach, salt, and heated almond milk. 

4. Orange & Carrot Smoothie 

Then, blend some more with some warm water and a small amount of ginger.

5. Nutty Oats Smoothie 

Combine warm milk, nutmeg, cinnamon, cashews, almonds, and roasted oats to create a simple yet nourishing hot smoothie.  

6. Spiced Date Smoothie 

As previously stated, winter is the perfect season to enjoy heart-warming foods like nuts, seeds, and dry fruits.

7. Strawberry-Beetroot Smoothie 

They both have lovely colors that can be used to create delectable smoothies.

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