7 Cute Christmas Cupcakes That Add Extra Joy To The Season

With Christmas quickly approaching, we can be sure that everyone is eager to celebrate. Leave the cookies and drinks to others, whether you're throwing a party or just attending as a guest at a dinner party. 

Instead, serve up cupcakes, a sweet treat that is sure to cause the most OMGs. Cute Christmas cupcakes are always a hit, especially when they have funny Rudolph noses, sugary Frosty faces, and adorable Santa hats.

Just scarf these snowman Christmas cupcakes down to prevent them from melting! The elaborate decorations will also make the entire holiday party go crazy. 

Melting Snowmen Cupcakes

These Christmas cupcakes are a must-have in your life! You'll feel amazing when you pull them out while watching your favorite Hallmark Christmas movies.

Reindeer Cupcakes

These miniature trees have completely three-dimensional M&M "bulbs" on them. The decorating process is so simple and cool that even the youngest bakers in the family can participate. 

Christmas Light Cupcakes

Ice cream cones are the key to creating these tallest green trees. Place some atop your holiday cupcakes and then indulge in using the piping bag!

Tall Christmas Tree Cupcakes

This is a fun Christmas cupcake that doesn't require any fancy decorating supplies. 

Santa Hat Cupcakes

This recipe makes us think of our favorite holiday beverage from Starbucks, the Peppermint White Mocha. We're game for anything sweet and minty in dessert form.

White Cupcakes with Peppermint Frosting

Eggnog is *the* quintessential holiday beverage, and it gets even better when baked into Christmas cupcakes. 

Bourbon Eggnog Cupcakes

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