6 Reasons You're Hungry in the Winter

Winter makes people hungrier because their bodies have to work harder to stay warm.

This can boost appetite and intake.

Here are six reasons you may feel hungry in winter and how to avoid weight gain.Some scientists say winter hunger is due to 

1. Evolutionary changes: Some scientists say evolutionary biology causes winter hunger. Before civilization, a cold might kill owing to food scarcity and hypothermia.

2.Hormone changes: Leptin and ghrelin imbalances occur when the days become shorter and the nights get longer due to brain chemistry changes.

3.Preference for comfort: Many people experience winter mood swings. Cold weather, especially alone, can lead to cravings for comfort foods like stews, mashed potatoes, and mac & cheese.

4. Seasonality mood disorder Sunlight is scarce in winter, lowering brain serotonin levels, which increase mood.

5. Vitamin D deficiency Insufficient sunlight promotes vitamin D insufficiency, which makes you hungry. Many recent research have linked vitamin D deficiency to binge eating.

6.Boredom Sometimes winter weather keeps you indoors, leaving little to do. Some people eat more in winter because they're bored.

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