Christmas movies on Netflix 

It's difficult to ignore the mood. Holidays are here! Everyone's planning end-of-year parties, hangouts, and delicious delights on every surface. But what to do when you're exhausted and need a comfortable couch? Easy. Watch one of our top Netflix Christmas movies.  

Our selection covers every cinematic taste and circumstance (but don't forget our list of the greatest Netflix movies for a non-Christmas palate). There's something for everyone, whether you're viewing alone or with family. Happy binge-ing, holidays! 

Klaus writer-director Sergio Pablos masters reimagining Christmas stories. In this sweet, amusing film, Jason Schwarztman voices young postman Jasper, stationed by his father in Smeerenburg, an isolated village. The townspeople love fighting, making it hard for him to start a mail business.  

Klaus (2019)

Kurt Russell's chilly face and gloomy disposition make him an ideal Santa since his Antarctic debut as MacReady in The Thing. In that 1982 horror film, he's not as cheerful as in this current Christmas film, but hey. For decades, kids have wondered what they would do if they caught Santa on camera. This 2018 Netflix original explores that question.  

The Christmas Chronicles (2018)  

In recent years, Christmas rom-coms have finally embraced LGBTQ tales beyond supporting roles. The film Single All the Way follows social media manager Peter (Michael Urie) coming home for Christmas without a lover. He sends his closest buddy Nick (Philemon Chambers) to fend off his family's love-life queries, but his mom sets him up on a blind date with her handsome teacher (Luke Macfarlane). 

Single All The Way (2021)

It was inevitable that Lindsay Lohan return to romantic comedies. Lohan's charm and humor make this Netflix original as cozy as your favorite Christmas sweater. The Mean Girls actress portrays Sierra Belmont, an Aspen heiress who wakes up with amnesia after falling off a cliff days before Christmas.  

Falling For Christmas (2022)

Let It Snow, a young Christmas film that may be the most underrated in recent years, tells three storylines set in Laurel, Illinois. Consider Luke Snellin's film, which adapts John Green, Maureen Johnson, and Lauren Myracle's novellas, a YA Love Actually with a tinge of Go. The movie takes set on Christmas Eve under a snowfall that crazes the teens.  

Let It Snow (2019)

This 1954 film by Michael Curtiz makes you grin and enjoy the holidays. The musical stars Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye as World War II pals Bob and Phil, who convert their relationship into a musical act. After writing enough hits for a musical, they meet sisters Betty and Judy (Rosemary Clooney and Vera-Ellen).  

White Christmas (1954)

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