5 Colors Interior Designers Want to See You Use More in Your Home in 2024 - 'They're So Underutilized'

It's always exciting to ask designers to predict trends for the coming year at this time of year. From the design concepts we'll use to the furniture shapes we'll see everywhere, 

it's fun to look to the future - and watch how many of them come to life in our own homes in a year's time.

But we also like to ask, "What about the interior design trends that designers actually want to see?" Color is, of course, a completely subjective matter. However, 

when designers were asked what they expected to see people employing in their homes in 2024, one trend emerged: they want people to be bold, and they want homes to feel moody, warm, and cocooning.

Unsurprisingly, many of the hues chosen by the designers we spoke with were also associated with expressive elegance, a term we invented to describe an atmosphere 

that's elevated but creative, subtle but full of personality. So, what colors do designers like to see used next year? They expose everything below.

Red is a prevalent color trend in interiors and fashion. Designers love this color in all its forms, from deep burgundy to bright fire engine red. 


Purple is catching on in 2024, along with burgundy. Purple's complementary colors are very easy to find, which eases the intimidation factor


Another dark color trend, steely blues, were on many designers' 2024 wish lists, especially in monochromatic schemes. Whether you like strong or soft colors, monochromatic décor may add refinement and elegance to your house.


Chocolate brown remains a popular color for 2024, and Brad Ramsey, principal and creator of Nashville, TN studio Brad Ramsey Interiors, can't wait to see more of it. “We'll be drowning in brown in all the best ways in 2024,” he says. Consider coffee with cappuccino. 


Jewel tones, a ‘bold’ choice for interiors, are a color trend designers hope to see more of next year. ‘I love jewel tones and keep coming back to lush greens, sapphire blues and aubergine.


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