3 Zodiac Signs Value Success Over Love December 17, 2023

As the year draws to a close, we can't help but feel that we need to organize our affairs in order to avoid entering the new year in any type of disarray.

We are interested in knowing where we stand in each area of our lives. 

While this may not sound like much fun to some, December 17, 2023, is all about bringing order out of chaos for three zodiac signs.

Some of us may decide that we should concentrate on achievement at this time in our life because the Sun is the Moon, which is offering us both positive energy and a clear vision.

We may have that 'nobody's coming to save us' mindset that inevitably leads to 'we have to do it ourselves.' This is smart thinking too.

In love, you go hard and regret nothing. Love has always been there for you, but it's also given you a burden you know you can do without to achieve in life. Love will always be there for you, and you'll enjoy its rewards and joys.


Money rules right now. You don't care what others think of you or if they evaluate your beliefs. And 'this' is about developing successful paths that will secure your financial future, not for others.


Love has nearly drained you, and you're tired of being tired. Relationships are fun, but getting along is even more fun once they take off. The rest is a drag for you at this stage in your life.


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