3 Zodiac Signs Reveal How Strong They Are On December 18, 2023

The persistent transit of the Moon square Mars will be our main concern. We better be ready for whatever comes our way on December 18, 2023. 

We pay an unexpected price for having a "said" attitude when it begins with us taking on an entirely negative attitude. Whoa, it's almost here.

Furthermore, some people will overextend themselves during Moon square Mars,

which means that these three signs of the zodiac will push boundaries and learn the hard way that restrictions exist for a reason.

 It appears that the Moon square Mars "way" is learning things "the hard way," and so it continues.

Large dreams and the desire for them all to materialize immediately are perfectly acceptable, but when the Moon is square Mars, 

we have a tendency to overplay our hand. Regardless of our good intentions and our best efforts,

it is never acceptable to be pushy or to cross the boundaries of others. In this lesson, these three signs of the zodiac will be discussed.

You will be so taken aback when the Moon squares Mars and pulls you out of the shadows and into the light that you will be disoriented for the majority of the day

Confusion arises because, on December 18, 2023, when the Moon squares Mars, 

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