3 Zodiac Signs Handle Heartache Like Adults December 17, 2023

Well, we won't punish ourselves for feeling a little more sensitive than usual, but the reality is that for many people, this is a particularly sensitive time of year, and depression does have a way of creeping in and taking over. 

Since many of us already have weak emotions, on December 17, 2023, a small number of us will experience heartbreak.

The Pisces Moon on this day would be the perfect transit to encourage heartbreak, if there ever was one. 

Since we can never be sure who is truly hurting, we must treat others with compassion because, to some extent, we are all sensitive individuals who have no idea what another person is going through.

Today will be difficult for three signs of the zodiac; we won't be able to avoid heartbreak today.

The heartbreak you will encounter on this day, December 17, 2023, is something you knew was heading your way; you just didn't realize it would fall on today, of all days. You won't be able to claim that you didn't see it coming.


The only reason you feel bad today is that you looked at your love life with wide eyes and didn't like what you saw. You realize that your spouse is not who you wanted and may even be less interested in you than you are in them.


You probably already know that something is wrong with your love life, despite everything you've put into it. On this day, December 17, 2023, during the Pisces Moon, it will be even more evident that heartache is unavoidable.


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