10 Winter Noir Nail Look

Dark and Creamy

According to Banks, "this look combines a lighter neutral shade with an abstract design with a creamy dark brown." "I made the shapes with a striper brush."

Black + Chrome

According to Banks, "I made this using metallic foils and ORLY's Liquid Vinyl." "A shiny or matte topcoat gives liquid vinyl an edgy look that looks great on its own as well."


According to Banks, "a custom color made at ORLY Color Labs was used to create this." It's a really dark brown that resembles a blend of Canyon Clay and Liquid Vinyl. Perfectly shaped nails are essential to a well-done manicure such as this one.

Mr. Darcy

The color of Mr. Darcy Lights Lacquer is a foggy, grayish indigo. Similar to the guy it bears the name of, it is brooding and profound.

Cat Eye

Manicurist Fleury Rose says, "This dark nail with a cat eye holographic effect is a super easy upgrade to a single-color manicure."

Or Worse, Expelled!

Or Even Worse, Shut Out! The tone of brown lacquer from Lights is tawny and smokey. It's not an extremely dark tone, but it offers a great deal of depth.

Shh…It’s Top Secret!

"I adore brown nails, and with all the '90s and 2000s comebacks, I've been seeing them as a trend more and more," Rose adds. She made use of OPI's ShhTop Secret is the designation.


Rose advises against skipping dark green as a sophisticated option for the winter. "With this green and gold combination, matte emerald green is one of my favorites."

Black Croc

"When you play with texture and matte elements, like this black croc mani, monochrome dark manis are always cool," says Rose.

No Fig Deal

Rich maroon Orly No Fig Deal is part of the brand's breathable range. Nutritious components like argan oil and vitamins B5 and C are added to it.

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