10 Restaurant Chains That Serve the Best Breakfast Sandwiches

Customers expect great food from a fashionable chain like Snooze, and this Colorado-based chain with 10 states delivers. Two main breakfast sandwiches are available. Start with the Double Bacon Sandwich. 


Eggs Up Grill

Eggs Up Grill's three unique breakfast sandwiches keep customers coming back every morning to this fast-growing South Carolina-based franchise with 69 locations nationally. 

Waffle House

Waffle House serves more than waffles. The famous restaurant chain serves lunch and dinner. Waffle House has a variety of savory breakfast sandwiches, including Texas melts. 


Denny's, with its Grand Slam and all-day breakfast menu, is one of the most popular diner-style chains. Scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, ham, and American cheese on toasted potato bread make the Grand Slamwich the quintessential handheld sandwich.

Hash House A Go Go

Hash House A Go Go has fewer locations than other restaurants in this collection, but you should note where one is nearest. This California chain has many hits, including its morning sandwich. 

Broken Yolk Cafe

Broken Yolk Cafe in California stands out with two distinctive breakfast sandwiches. The Sun-Up Breakfast Sandwich is a classic breakfast sandwich. It has two fried eggs, applewood-smoked bacon, and American cheese on toasted sourdough bread.

The Flying Biscuit Cafe

Southern-inspired breakfast at Flying Biscuit Cafe is guaranteed. The biscuit chain is famous throughout Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and Texas, but its Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Breakfast Sandwich is unique. 

Bob Evans

Bob Evans has over 450 restaurants in 18 states and has been adding new breakfast options. The chain has two hearty breakfast sandwiches you should try on your next visit. S

Mimi's Cafe

Mimi's Cafe, with 45 locations in 12 states, serves comfort food that fills you up. It offers several morning staples, like the Egg and Bacon Croissant Sandwich. It has bacon, two fried eggs, sliced tomatoes, melted cheddar cheese, and mayonnaise atop a flaky croissant.

Egg Harbor Cafe

For weekend brunch and a great breakfast sandwich, Egg Harbor Cafe has you covered. It offers a wide variety of breakfast items at 21 sites throughout Illinois, Georgia, and Wisconsin. The Bacamato Sandwich has Jack and Cheddar cheeses, egg, bacon, and tomato on multigrain bread.

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