10 Charmingly Rare Baby Boy Names You’ll Fall In Love With

1. Abbot

This nearly forgotten name means "father" and refers to one half of the famed comedic combo Abbot and Costello.

2. Atlas

Atlas was a Greek God who carried the entire universe on his shoulders. The name is ideal for your powerful little man.

3. Auden

This romantic English name means "old friend," and when you meet your new boy, you will be unable to fathom your life without him, as if he has always been a part of it.

4. Ferris

Ferris is an Irish name that means "rock" and was given to one of the finest personalities to come out of the 1980s, Ferris Bueller.

5. Griffith

This Welsh name means "strong lord" and sounds intimidating.

6. Hart

Hart means "stag" and is short, sweet, and simple. The stag is frequently regarded as the Forest King.

7. Laird

This Scottish name translates to "lord of the land" and is rarely used. It's pleasing to the ear and totally original.

8. Leopold

The name Leopold is formal and aristocratic, yet it also means "brave people." As a nickname, you may always use Leo.

9. Scout

Scout comes from the Old French verb escouter, which means "to listen." Harper Lee gave this endearing moniker to the protagonist of To Kill a Mockingbird.

10. Shaw

Shaw means "dweller by the wood" and screams adventure in the great outdoors.

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